September 20 2022

We have simplified Case Manager email configuration to make it quicker and easier to set up and use.

Before getting underway though, there are some key concepts that will be helpful to understand.  

How does emailing from Case Manager work?

Whilst emails originate from Case Manager, they are not sent directly by Case Manager. Instead, Case Manager acts as a relay and sends emails using your preferred outgoing mail service such as Outlook or Gmail. Essentially, Case Manager logs into your email service and sends the email on your behalf. 

The ability to send emails is best configured by a System Administrator prior to attempting to send an email from Case Manager.

There are currently four ways you can configure your email connection, only one will apply to your Case Manager depending on your email service provider. Your System Administrator may need to work with the IT professionals who are responsible for managing your email service outside of Case Manager to determine which method and settings to use:

For further details on the different configuration options, please see the following link:

This link also contains information on some of the common error messages you may encounter during the configuration and sending stages.

What is Modern Authentication?

Modern authentication is an umbrella term for a combination of authentication and authorization methods, including access security procedures that you may already be familiar with. It applies to transactions between a client (for example, your computer or your phone) and a server (where your data lives).

What does this mean for your Case Manager?

Your Case Manager can be configured with Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO). This supports tighter Office365 integration and the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This enables you to log in to Case Manager via your Microsoft online credentials, securely and conveniently.

How does this relate to your email configuration?

After configuring Microsoft SSO, the email credentials for users who sign in and authenticate with Microsoft MFA are automatically applied to their Case Manager email settings without the need for any extra configuration.

In addition to the above, there are now two separate email configurations that can be set under Tools > Options > Email > Outgoing Mail Server:

The Global Email Server.

This is the universal configuration that applies to all users that do not have an individual email configuration. For example, this would be the Office email address, instead of an individual user’s email address.

The Case Manager System Email.

This is the configuration that is utilised by the Case Manager functions such as the Forgot Password Feature reminders, SMS replies and Security notifications.

The Case Manager System Email will need to use a different SMTP configuration compared to the Global Email Server settings. This is because Microsoft accounts can no longer share credentials due to Modern Authentication. This effectively means that the Global Email Server cannot share credentials with the Case Manager System Email. As a result, a separate connection must be used.

If you do not use an email service through Microsoft, such as Gmail, the current Modern Authentication options do not apply to your configuration. However, you are not without options and can still configure your email connection using SMTP credentials.

For further details on the information covered above, please see the following link:

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