September 16 2022

To improve security, Microsoft has upgraded its Authentication protocol (to OAuth 2.0) and will begin to disable the legacy Authentication protocol, called Basic or OAuth from 1st October 2022. 

To learn more about the changes to Microsoft’s authentication protocols, see here.

All Case Manager customers that use MS Exchange integrated email will be affected by the Microsoft changes.

The good news is – if you are hosted with Chameleon (SaaS – Software as a Service), our team will complete your database upgrade to v6.2.1 or v6.3, which makes provision for OAuth 2.0, prior to 1st October 2022.

If you store Case Manager on your own server (on-premise) or if your server is hosted externally by a third party and you use Microsoft exchange online, we will need to arrange the upgrade. Please reach out if you do not already have an upgrade scheduled.

As always, the Chameleon support team is here to help! You can reach the team here to schedule an upgrade to v6.2.1 or v6.3 to continue using integrated MS Exchange email after 1st October.


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