March 15 2024

The team at occupational rehabilitation provider RehabDynamics pride themselves on speaking the same language as their clients and appreciating their culture, creating a connection crucial to understanding how to offer the best rehabilitation pathway possible.

Since 1997 the centre has specialised in catering for the cultural and linguistic needs of its clients so its consultants can get the best appreciation of how to guide them back to full health.

Management of the Parramatta-based business is underpinned by Case Manager – smart software that combines a client database, case management, billing and communication functions to give consultants more time to focus on listening to clients and understanding their needs.

RehabDynamics Director Rigan Wong says her team is often the intermediary between the client and their doctor, employer and insurance company, so having a good system in place and understanding each and every client’s culture and needs are vital.

“About 80 per cent of our clients speak another language apart from English so we try to tailor our approach to understand their cultural needs.”

Prior to introducing Chameleon Software’s Case Manager in 2007, RehabDynamics’ record keeping and document management system had juggled Microsoft Word for case notes, Excel for timesheets and other software to handle invoicing and accounts, Rigan says.

“It saves so much time having case notes, documents, and also invoicing and accounts all in one place.”

Without Case Manager, her existing consultants would have to work longer hours, she says.

“Improved productivity is the thing that makes Case Manager essential.”

Rigan says the ability for her team to drag and drop client documentation into the software’s record and document management system saves time.

Client information stored in the system can be used to auto populate standard templated emails, saving hours a day on administrative tasks such as setting up appointments or sending out invoices.

 “In the past, scheduling appointments with clients required us to manually input detailed requests. However, thanks to Case Manager’s email templates, we’ve streamlined the process. Now, we simply input the date and time alongside relevant details in the system, and an email containing all necessary information is automatically generated for the client. This enhancement has significantly simplified and expedited our appointment booking workflow.”

Rigan says she has been impressed with the regular improvements the development team at Chameleon Software makes to Case Manager.

The ability to create and send emails directly from Case Manager, as well as dragging and dropping emails from Outlook into Case Manager, saves time and ensures the documentation is completed when cases are reviewed.

“Previously, after composing each email, we were obligated to manually copy and paste the content into Case Manager. The introduction of the email ‘drag and drop’ function and sending email directly from Case Manager have proven to be a game-changer, particularly given our high volume of daily emails. This email feature has greatly enhanced efficiency, allowing us to seamlessly save and send emails without the cumbersome copy-and-paste process, making our workflow notably more streamlined and convenient.”

All 19 members of the RehabDynamics team use Case Manager in their daily work, which typically involves assessing clients, conducting case conferences with doctors and writing rehabilitation goal plans. Much of the time they are off-site meeting clients so being able to access the software via the cloud on all their devices at any time is vital.

Rigan says training is straightforward with a ‘how to’ video-tutorial session and help search available on the Case Manager website.

“The majority of consultants find it quite easy to learn – after a tutorial session they’re usually quite familiar with how to use it,” she says.

Case Manager has helped RehabDynamics grow and Rigan says she and her team have big plans for the future. In the year ahead, they aim to improve their ability to meet the diverse needs of their customers by being able to connect with them in the widest range of languages possible.

“We focus on our clients’ cultural and linguistic needs and we will continue to expand our team with consultants who can speak other languages.”

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