June 04 2024

Microsoft made a change to Outlook in June 2023 which removed the ability to export/drag and drop emails. It is not currently possible to drag emails to the desktop or local drive when using New Outlook. 

Further, Microsoft have recognised this as an issue and plan to reintroduce the feature:

In the meantime, a simple workaround exists. You can continue to drag and drop emails by reverting to the previous version of Outlook. Simply uncheck the option to use New Outlook and the functionality of dragging and dropping emails into Case Manager will return:

If you cannot switch back to your old version of Outlook, a workaround would be to right-click the email, select ‘Save as’ (or click the ‘More actions’ option after an email is opened and select Save as), then drag the email from your downloads folder into Case Manager.

Please Note: Customers will need to use the installed version of Outlook to drag and drop emails to Case Manager. 

Please pass this information on to anyone using New Outlook experiencing problems with dragging and dropping emails into Case Manager.

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