November 21 2023

Why do I lose my document changes? What are these icons for? What is a locked document?

A locked document is a document that has been locked by a single Case Manager user to prevent any changes being made by anyone other than the person who created the lock.

When a file is opened, an edit  lock is created, and a local copy of the locked document is copied from Case Manager to the local computer..  At this point any changes made are stored in the temporary file and not the file stored in Case Manager.  Only when you close the document are those changes uploaded to Case Manager.

If you are presented with a document edit lock such as the one seen above when opening or before closing Case Manager you can upload the changes to Case Manager with either option A or B. Option A will upload the changes made to the local file and release the lock.  Option B will retain the edit lock, upload the changes and allow you to keep editing the local file.

Before using options C & D please consult with your power user.

Option C will release the lock and delete the local file without uploading and reverts the document to its previous state.  Any changes made since creating the lock will be lost. 

Option D takes you to the location of the local copy of the file. This is usually reserved for your power user or chameleon support.

Most of the time these edit locks are released automatically by Case Manager.  However, there are occasions when document changes are not uploaded automatically and a human is required to step in. It is therefore recommended that there are no remaining document edit locks at the end of each day. 

If you are unsure as to which option to select, please contact your Case Manager power user or Chameleon support for advice before clearing a document lock.

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