March 15 2024

Importing Payments in Bulk

Did you know that you can bulk import payments into Case Manager?

Custom Reports such as the ‘MediPass Invoice Export’, ‘NDIS Invoice Export’, ‘MYOB Invoice Export’, and others, can be used to get invoice data out of Case Manager for bulk upload to external accounting systems.

But what about the payments that are then made to these systems? 

Bulk uploading used to be a one-way trip as payments were manually added into Case Manager.

In Case Manager Version 6.3, a new utility allows you to import payments in bulk via an Excel or CSV file.

Go to Tools > Import Payments, then select the file, then Next.

You will then see a  a summary of the payments in the file and exclude any that you do not want to add.

Using the Import Payments feature, you can automatically export the payments from your accounting system into Case Manager.

For more information on the Import Payments feature, please see the following link:

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