August 31 2023

A ‘Head Blocker’ is a type of block or restriction that can occur on a hosting server secondary to a task or request consuming excessive resources, it will prevent other tasks from executing. 

What causes a Head Blocker?

These sessions normally occur when a user forces Case Manager to close from the Task Manager whilst it is still communicating with the database server. As a result, the task they were executing at the time blocks all other communication with the database until the Head Blocker can be resolved.

Who is affected by Head Blockers?

All users can be affected if a Head Blocker is created. The symptoms of a Head Blocker include persistent timeouts, failed logins, and various other error messages.

It’s also worth noting that Head Blockers can affect the performance of the document grid and document loading.

How can Head Blockers be prevented?

Allowing Case Manager to complete tasks instead of forcefully quitting the application is the best approach to preventing Head Blockers.

Our hosting server has automatic monitoring and solutions in place to resolve Head Blockers within 20 minutes of their occurrence, however, if you suspect a Head Blocker is present, we advise that you contact Chameleon Software’s Support Team as we can immediately resolve the block and identify the device that caused it.

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