September 20 2022

We are very pleased to announce that the rollout of Case Manager v6.3 has commenced. This latest version is packed with new features and some great enhancements, requested by you our valued Customers.

Notable inclusions are: Improved rounding options, New Auditing Capabilities, an integration with UHG medEbridge for pending referrals, an Updated Office Add-in for Document Templates, a new bulk payment import utility, and provision for MS Exchange Modern Authentication.

Improved Rounding Options

When numbers with more than two decimal places are turned into dollars and cents, there will always be rounding issues. However, you can now choose between two rounding options for the entire system.

For further details on Rounding in Case Manager please click here.

New Auditing Capabilities

In the web version of Case Manager you can now start to identify changes and who applied them, using the new audit facility.

In the first release, you can see changes to the system configuration options, the Company List, the Case Details fields, Case Contacts, Costs, Custom Fields and most Documents.

For further details on Audit History in Case Manager please click here.

Modern Authentication for Email Connections

Modern Authentication will soon be a requirement for emails sent via Microsoft’s Exchange Web Services. Users must authenticate with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), rather than just a username and password.

We’ve prepared for this, along with enhancing our email settings to help simplify the configuration process.

To read more about using Modern Authentication in Case Manager please click here.

Pending Referrals

Chameleon has partnered with UHG to provide a new medEbridge integration, including the ability to import pending referral data that external agencies assemble. This new feature means that you can accept such referrals and create new Case Manager cases more efficiently.

Please click here to learn more about the Case Manager/medEbridge integration.

New Office Add-in for Document Templates

Formerly known as the Word Add-in, the new Office Add-in has been updated to allow for easier use and enhanced compatibility. You can now manage the Office Add-in’s connection to your Case Manager database without needing to engage Support. In addition to this, the new add-in also supports connections to multiple Case Manager databases.

To read further information on the Office Add-in for Document Templates in Case Manager please click here.

New Payment Import Utility

The ability to import payments into your Case Manager has existed prior to version 6.3. However, this feature did have some limitations surrounding efficiency and what could be imported.

As of Case Manager Version 6.3, we have introduced a new utility that allows payments to be imported in bulk from a Microsoft Excel or CSV file.

For further information on importing payments in Case Manager please click here.

But this is not all, for a full list of the new features and enhancements, or more information on the topics listed above, please visit the learning site.

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