June 01 2018

We are excited to announce that the latest version of Case Manager 5.3 is now available, with new features and improved functionality to make your work flexible, reliable and easy. Key highlights include:

Case Manager App 5.3  – wherever you need it

The upgraded Case Manager App is a real game changer, making it even easier to work on the road by accessing Case Manager quickly and securely on your (apple and android) smartphone. A simple login is now available using a four-digit passcode with a timeout feature that logs you out after a certain period of inactivity. New features in the App enable you to:

  • add case notes
  • create and send emails with attachments
  • create and edit plain text documents
  • add images directly from your phone (including photos from your camera)

Improved Integrations

In response to customer feedback, Case Manager integrations have expanded to include:

  • Enhanced Xero integration for invoices, with payments automatically returning from Xero to Case Manager
  • Medicare functionality, including card verification and claiming with ability to monitor and report on status of claims
  • Streamlining invoice submission and payments with Department of Veterans Affairs (embed hyperlink) via Medicare claiming service


Calendar, tasks and time (windows version)

Improved calendar functionality now enables:

  • Ability to email employees details of appointments when created, modified or cancelled
  • Ability to view staff availability for appointments and receive a warning when you attempt to double book a staff member
  • Ability to identify availability of consultants who can provide specific services


Emails, documentation and general management

Enhancements to improve efficiency in document management and system administration, including:

  • New merge field to de-identify documents
  • Ability to add “Assigned To” user to email recipient list so the Consultant managing the case will receive all email correspondence
  • Specific email template options offering more efficient process for creating emails


Revamped online learning site

Case Manager’s online help has had a makeover! Our new site features comprehensive help and training content in a modular format.  The excellent search function helps you quickly find what you need and takes your Case Manager skills to the next level.


Sign up for the 5.3 Webinar to learn more

Learn more about Case Manager 5.3 by joining us for a Webinar (screen share) learning session which will showcase what is different and how it will benefit your business.  
Click <<here>> to indicate your interest in joining webinar, being held:

Tuesday 5 June, 2018
11am – 12pm (AEST)


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